Let’s update the construction industry in creative and intriguing ways.

NOHARA’s DNA includes the ability to “adapt to change” flexibly and the “ingenuity” that comes after that.

It is a history of listening carefully to customers and partners, and always proposing new value.

Even in the unprecedented world that is dawning before us, we will continue to hone our strengths and move forward in a positive way, driving changes that are a step ahead by taking ownership of the changes and currents of the times, and imagining a better tomorrow by connecting the past and the future, and thinking carefully about how society ought to be.
We will design in creative and fun ways the future lifestyles of people and the world in which we live together.
Using digital tools, we will turn the “tacit knowledge” of history and experience into “explicit knowledge” that can be used by everyone.
We will transform the skills of veterans into shared assets. We will make ideas into what sustains our industry and the whole of society in the future.
And we will evolve into the next version of NOHARA, one that shares happiness with all people.


The ingenuity that we create while changing flexibly will transform our lifestyle, tomorrow, and the world.


As a data-driven platform provider for the construction industry, we use AI and ICT to innovatively enhance convenience and efficiency together with all stakeholders.


Honing our DNA of “adapting to change” and “ingenuity,” we create superior services optimized for changing times with creativity based on flexible thinking that is unfettered by the past and customs.


By passing on to the next generation the technology and service development capabilities that we have always leveraged to create value for our customers, we aim to lead in digital technology innovations such as AI and ICT, and to achieve innovative efficiency gains based on radical reform of conventional systems.


Spreading the know-how and new efficiency initiatives that we have cultivated in the Japanese construction industry, we will cross boundaries and rise above common sense, seeking new growth markets and providing solutions that meet the needs of each country.


Change the game and enjoy the fun of taking ownership.
More open-minded than anyone, let’s comfortably go beyond conventional confines.
Who builds the team? Who makes the company? I do.
Go ahead of the speed of the times.
Be creative in your own way and with a playful spirit.