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Kosuke Nohara, Group CEO, Representative Director, President Nohara Group,

A front-runner in transforming construction
Changing society for the better with diverse stakeholders through digital construction

Innovation is in the air at the Nohara Group.

With roots tracing back to 1598 and the present company established in 1947, Nohara has always taken on fresh initiatives and changed with the times, just as we have always listened to clients and partners and provided value in new ways.

Here in Japan, construction is a mainstay industry, but structural issues such as supply chain complexity and the fragmentation of information in construction processes have undermined productivity. The working population is already insufficient and labor shortages are expected to worsen, which is an urgent issue as younger generations seek careers in other industries. And in consideration of SDGs and the environment, the industry is confronted with a need to curb waste and CO2 emissions at construction sites, among other issues.

To address these social issues through Nohara strengths, in 2021 we launched digital solutions business focused on BuildApp, a platform supporting BIM-based design, production, and construction. The initiative has received a warm welcome by many clients, general contractors, subcontractors, building material manufacturers, and others.

Kosuke Nohara, Group CEO, Representative Director, President Nohara Group,

We have pursued this digital solutions business faster than ever through overall optimization as a group rather than optimization among separate group companies since several operating companies have been integrated into Nohara Group Inc., and we appreciate continued stakeholder support as we contribute to the growth of society through the new organization.

Having established extensive upstream–downstream construction sales and distribution channels and a robust network, we will work through the new corporate framework to refine these strengths into a veritable hub linking construction processes and stakeholders via data, as we pursue the group vision of a construction supply chain (from design to production to construction) revolutionized by BIM in achieving greater supply chain integration. The new platform provided by BuildApp links all construction project members based on visualized aggregated data (information), which reduces waste and CO2 emissions and, through improved productivity, supports work-style reform.

As society continues to rely on the construction industry, the Nohara Group as a leader in this industry will continue working toward a future of sustainable growth.

Kosuke Nohara,
Group CEO,
Representative Director,
President Nohara Group, Inc.